Software Development :-

Office Pro developed many application programs over the past years to cover several type of business . Major part of our experience were in the medical and pharmaceutical industry . We developed application programs to cover the following :-

- Medicine Manufacturing .

- Drugstores Management .

- Pharmacies and chain of pharmacies Management .

- Point Of Sale Applications

- Fashion System

- Pharmacy Control System

- General Merchandise System

- Sales & Distribution System

We succeeded to have respectable market share in this area and to have very important customers in our portfolio .

System Development Methodology :

Macroapps is implementing the following methodology for development and releasing software products :

- Design Stage . The system required is studied from all aspects and the structure design is drawn. The design takes care of every detail the system may need. It includes all tables and sub-tables; metadata, programs and reports. The design stage will include the database engine, the programming languages and the reporting tools.

- Development Stage. The design papers go into the production cycle. The project is assigned to a team headed by a senior programmer as project manager. The development takes place in a pre defined timeframe.

- Testing Stage. Once the development is done, the programs are put to the test by the QA department. They will check for bugs and report any problems to the developers.

- Installation Stage. The final product is installed at the customer site, where training the users on the system take place. The product will be put initially for a testing period. After acceptance the system will go live.

- After Sales Warranty and maintenance. Once the product is installed and running. The warranty period starts. The warranty is limited to fixing bugs in the system if they arise. For program modifications and/or generation, there will be a separate aintenance contract.